Car Detailing Tips: How To Keep Your Car Look Brand New

Car Detailing

Buying a vehicle is a substantial investment, and it is very important to maintain the asset to extract maximum benefits from it. When vehicles are exposed to extreme weather conditions, it is crucial to work on their maintenance periodically. One way to maintain the cars is to have vehicles inspected by professionals right after the first sign when something is wrong. The other way is to bring car detailing to service stations periodically to retain their performance and diagnose any undetected issues at the early stage before they become severe. 

Professional car care includes routine maintenance services, repair procedures, and professional cleaning, which can give your vehicle a brand-new look. Car detailing is one of the cleaning procedures that involves thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the automobile.

In this blog, you will learn about the most incredible tips for car detailing to achieve a brand-new look for your vehicle. This not only helps improve the car’s performance but elevates the sale value offered by cash for cars Victoria programs and services. 

Car Wash 

The importance of car washing can never be neglected. Regular car washing prolongs the vehicle’s life and improves its performance, along with preserving the condition of the exterior. The step of car washing must involve using microfiber towels and soft sponges to avoid scratching the body’s paint. Hand-washing removes the dirt, dust, bird droppings and other contaminants accumulated on the surface of the paint job. Pressure washing is one of the ways to remove the dirt and debris from the car’s outer layer, as this washing technique cleanses the tight corners that are difficult to reach with a bucket or cloth. However, power pressure washing requires time, car detailing knowledge and good quality equipment to ensure that your car doesn’t suffer any damages during the process. 

Following are some of the essential instruments for a thorough car wash:

  • Use two buckets.
  •  Wash mitt made of microfiber
  • Towels made of microfiber
  • Car wash soap (do not use dish soap; it will corrode the paint over time)
  • Brushes for cleaning wheels
  • Window washer for automobiles
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Using a pressure washer or a hose with a compression adapter

Reach out to every corner to clear any accumulated salt and debris. Use ph-balanced car wash soap with microfiber mitts to protect the paint from scratches. Lastly, remember to dry the vehicle after the wash to prevent water accumulation in the corners, which can result in corrosion and rust formation. 


Once the car is washed, the next step revolves around drying the vehicle since leaving moisturiser on your car can lead to oxidation or rust on any exposed metal parts. It is very important to use soft microfibre drying towels for the process to avoid the formation of dents and scratches over the paint body. Ensure the towel is clean and dry to absorb any excess water that may have collected in the corners. Getting into the nooks and crannies while drying the vehicle is essential to ensure the keen removal of water that may not be immediately visible.  

Wheels & Tyres 

Another important car detailing step involves thoroughly cleaning wheels and tyres. Paying attention to these car parts is important as they come directly with the road surface. Wheels and tyres are the most affected parts of the vehicle as they are prone to dirt and dust from day-to-day driving. Cleaning them can remove contaminants and provide better road grip while driving. The risks of road accidents and ineffective fuel consumption can be reduced when the tyres perform effectively. High-quality cleaning products can save money in the long run and recondition your tyres for improved performance. 


Polishing is essential in car detailing as it removes swirl marks and minor scratches. These marks can ruin the vehicle’s exterior and lower the resale value if not treated on time. Polish applicators revitalise the paintwork and reduce the appearance of undesirable marks on the paint body. 

Paint Shielding

The paint and clear coat on your car’s exterior play a crucial role in maintaining its new appearance. It’s important to safeguard them by applying either vehicle wax or paint sealant, as they contribute to your vehicle’s luxurious gloss and shine.

Car waxes are readily available at local auto parts stores and come in various forms, including natural waxes or synthetic polymers, which can be liquid or paste. Regardless of the type of wax used, they function similarly by creating an invisible barrier that shields your car’s paint and clear coat from environmental elements such as sunlight, rain, snow, salt, and more.

Like waxes, paint sealants are typically synthetic and offer a longer-lasting protective layer. They last four to six months compared to waxes, which usually last a few weeks to three months. Paint sealants provide a diamond-like gleam often seen at auto exhibitions, whereas waxes produce a richer-looking finish.


Car detailing is an essential car maintenance tip that not only prolongs the life of the asset but also helps you get the highest cash for cars Victoria offers at the time of sale. 

With these tips, you can carry out the process at home or consult a professional if you are not experienced, as any mishandling can be daunting for the vehicle. 

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